Decisions Released!

Congratulations to everyone who was admitted to the Innovation in Education Program.  We are looking forward to seeing you all at the first workshop on Sat., Feb. 18th.

Stay tuned for more details about the launch party!


Application Day!

Today is the application deadline for the Greater Philadelphia: Innovation in Education program!  The application which can be completed in about 20 minutes, can be found here and you can email us at

We’ve already seen a number of applications and are eager to read yours!

-The Innovation in Education Team

One more week!

On Tuesday, we hosted an informational webinar for people who are interested in learning more about the Innovation in Education program.  Hosted by Chaula Gupta and Ricky Cole, who work on Teach For America’s staff, the webinar covered the goal of the program and also some frequently asked questions.  If you’d like to see the powerpoint deck from the presentation, we have created a pdf from the slides that is available here.

Also, today marks the end of the Education Exchange and the countdown to the application deadline for the pilot itself, which is next Friday, December 16th.  We encourage those who were able to participate in The Exchange as well as those who are just now discovering the program to fill out an application, which can be found on our Application page.  Don’t hesitate to pass this information on to your network of colleagues, family and friends!

Informational Webinar: 12/6 at 6 pm

We we will be hosting a webinar on Tues., Dec. 6 at 6 pm EST for all those interested in learning more about the Innovation in Education program.  This overview of the program’s goals and structure will last approximately one hour and there will be time for participants to ask questions.

If you have a passion for bringing about change in the education sector but lack the background or if you already work in the field and need the tools to bring an idea to fruition, this program is for you.

The application to participate in the Innovation in Education program will open on Fri., Dec. 2nd and is due on Dec. 16th so there will be plenty of time to submit after the event.  Click the link below to register today!

Greater Philadelphia: Innovation in Education

Less than 40% of students growing up in low income communities in Philadelphia are proficient in math and reading and 25% of our population has less than a high school diploma.  At the current rate of improvement it would still take over 100 years for low-income Philadelphia students to catch up to their middle class peers.  Our community is calling looking for you to change this.

We must come together and use our collective insights, experience and skills as members of the education, nonprofit, policy and corporate communities to create effective solutions.  We are extending an invitation for community members to participate in an innovative pilot to support critical and innovative thinking, create solutions, and launch ventures that will positively impact students here in greater Philadelphia.

This is an unprecedented opportunity for professionals passionate about education to collaborate with like-minded peers and experiment with new ideas in a safe space. Our workshops will introduce you to a whole new set of problem solving and ideation techniques that you can apply to any challenge. The Innovation Program will help you form valuable connections with experts from education, policy, business and other sectors.

The workshop series consists of three workshops spaced out over a period of three months for 25-35 participants, providing opportunities to present and develop pitches in preparation for the final event in May.

We are seeking professionals who are deeply driven to fight educational inequity, open to taking risks, think big and are willing to commit themselves to launching a startup organization. We seek applicants with diverse experiences and from different sectors – education, nonprofit, policy, corporate and others.

Please see the Agenda & Program Page for an outline of the workshop series.